Our facility in the heart of Newcastle is like no other. Where other companies treat you like a number on their list, we pride ourselves on knowing everyones name, when their birthday is, how their families are, and that when you come into the facility, you already know what your workout is, what you needed to eat in preparation for it, someone guiding you through every single rep you do, and being surrounded by people only ever willing and pushing you on in a positive way.



Our company has done everything so far without finance. Kev and Kev, the business owners wanted to put solid foundations for the future. We didn't seek loans or investment but instead for the last several years we have literally spent every single penny we have earned on growing the business. We also sought out the help of our fantastic network of clients who together has helped us build this facility from scratch. I'm not ashamed to say we also did a car boot sale or two to help fund our goals but our mentality is to do whatever it takes to build our dream. With over 150 machines and over £250,000 spent on building multiple gyms, and all geared towards the overall goal of being the best you can be, we aren't stopping there. Our next goal is to add a spa to the facility to give our clients something never before seen in the industry. A private facility ran by Personal Trainers (not corporate business owners), that provide better facilities than your huge corporate chains. When we say we'll do something, we WILL do it


STRONG - LEAN - HEALTHY - HAPPY..... That's our 4 pillars of success at ModelHealth. Our training revolves around these principles. We don't claim to be a body building gym, nor do we claim to be a crossfit, or a running club. We are about creating a lifestyle balance that has you feeling better about yourself, more confident because of the way you look in the mirror, and most importantly educate you on how to achieve this with balance. Because without being able to enjoy yourself and have a social life, then what's the point in trying. There's no point in putting your body through everything only for you to hate yourself in the process as you exclude yourself from having time with family and friends. The training, education, and life balance go hand in hand for us.


Clothing might be an issue for you here. Because your clothes will likely not fit even in just the first month working with us. You see, we all know good exercise and nutrition will get you looking better, but it's the mental benefits, the extra confidence, the added energy, the better sleep patterns, and the positive mood you will get in the process. But what has made this a truly remarkable program, and something we didn't initially expect so much when we launched it three years ago, is the friendships and atmosphere we have managed to create here. It's like no where else out there. It's very difficult to describe but when your part of it you immediately feel it. There's an energy in the place where people just want to help, support and push every step of the way. You really have to see it to believe it.